Not on my best dressed list..

Recently i was flicking through the February US Vogue and i came across their top 10 best dressed young stars of 2008 and one of the stars to feature on their list was none other than Blake Lively. Now don't get me wrong i love Blake, think shes fabulous, but i do not think she is one of the best dressed young celebrities to hit Tinseltown of late. Bar one dress (that gorgeous orange Gucci maxi dress at the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants premiere), she's kind of been stuck in a jumble of untasteful rompers, play suits and shirt dresses. I think that when people say Blake is one of the best dressed stars out there they are confusing her fashion sense with that of her gossip girl character Serena Van Der Woodsen. Serena dresses amazingly, kind of a "urban equestrian" as Blake herself put it and has kind of a Kate Moss sort of thing going on. A lot of the photos you see of Blake are actually shots taken during filming so people may just get the idea that Blake dresses like that all the time when shes hanging around New York. Now Just a few photos to show you where I'm coming from:
I have to say though how Everyone is always hammering on about the Gossip Girl's cast refreshing red carpet style but to tell the truth none of the stars partically does it for me outside the confines of the GG set. Take Leighton Meester, some days she can look amazing but of recent I'm a little bored with her look, which can be kind of frumpy, She just sometimes dresses a lot older than a 22 year old should. Out of all the GG cast Taylor Momsen has emerged as my fashion hero. I know she dresses way too old for her 15 years and does go a little heavy on the eye make up but her collection of mini-dresses is amazing. I especially love that kind of sparkly see-through Alexander Wang dress (left) she wore of recent even though there was a little tights fiasco goin on there.

Muse of the week: Georgia May Jagger

What do you get when you combine one of the world's greatest models and a rock legend?

Answer, A bona fide fashion it-girl. I have decided for my muse of the week, to choose the gorgeous rock spawn, Georgia May Jagger.

Following in her mothers footsteps, Georgia decided to take to the modelling world last January but at 5'7 (exception=Kate Moss)don't be expecting to see this teen gracing the catwalks like her mother Jerry Hall or sister Lizzie Jagger anytime soon. Still, at 16 this girl is making waves in the industry. She has already signed with Elite Model Management (same as her mother and sister) and has a magazine cover under her belt (Dazed & Confused).

I decided to choose Georgia as my Muse of the week because of a few shots of her i saw during London Fashion week in some absolutely amazing outfits. Here is a glimpse of some of my favourite of her outfits to date:

Theres ugly and there's this...

Oh, Hilary What were you thinking?

Shame on you

Dear people who vote on the style section on,

Your taste in clothes suck. Case in point, this:

Would you wear this to a movie premiere? I sure as hell wouldnt, but 68% (at the time of writing this) of you would! Serioulsy what is going on with that blouse, it looks like one half of some wierd halloween costume thats made from tinfoil and that belt is just plain cheap looking. Maybe you 68% just noticed them cute shoes peeking out and were just blinded by the rest of the outfit...god i hope so. You other 32% i applaud you on your common sense and clear vision.

Thanking you,

Angry Lola xoxo

Things i love.....

As you will eventually discover from reading my blog, I am in love with Topshop. It, i can honsestly say is my favorite shop in the world and when it becomes legal i will marry it. At the moment i must say, their trench coats are A-to-the-Mazing. I love the colours (totally goin to help get me out of my post christmas black rut) and the net tulle detailling under the navy and pink coats is genius! i want them all. (Oh ya i know the cute blue on the bottom row isn't really a trench but its just so darn cute!). xoxo Lola.

Heres a link to the webpage cause this whole blogging thing is new to me still and pictures are really difficult to organize on this thing never mind adding prices in the right places:

UK Link:

US Link:

In Vogue? I dont think so

I love Vogue. Just thought i would throw that out there. Since i'm on this whole rampage about how undeserving Cheryl Cole is of front cover status i thought i would compile a list of other undeserving starlets...see i dont just pick on Cheryl.

January 2008- Eva Green- UK Edition.
Eva who? exactly. Some of you may know her as that bond girl in Casino Royale but most of us were too busy staring at Daniel Craig to notice her. What has she done since?..The Golden Compass yes that wannabe Narnia, Harry Potter etc. Shes apparently a very good actress and is very pretty but Bond Girl status does not warrant Vogue cover, well god i hope not.

December 2007 - Sienna Miller. UK Edition.
I have a general disliking of Sienna Miller and i dont think im the only one. One thing i can't understand is how this is her second Vogue UK cover (yes there was a US one too). Ok it makes a little sense why she was there back in Febuary 06, i mean she did start that whole ugly full length "boho" skirt and gilet thing craze and she was Jude Law's play thing for a little while, but sienna is, like that whole look a complete fad, which we have have now forever discarded to some landfill...where Sienna belongs.

November 2006 - Mischa Barton. UK edition.
I must admit i used to love Mischa Barton. Back in the day when The O.C. was cool and Rachel Zoe was her stylist, Mischa was my god. Well then came her sudden unemployment and well the rest is history. Now all her job entails is being caught around town in horrendous cowboy inspired ensembles and milking her rehab stint dry. Plus playing the poor little rich slut on The O.C. doesnt really give you the right to be on the Cover of Vogue..It really doesnt.


September 2006- Kirsten Dunst. US Edition.
Ok im not 100% sure about this one. If she was to be on the front cover of the Febuary 2009 editions i would be like WTF! But this was back in 2006 when Marie Antoinnette came out, they probably did the interview before anyone had a chance to say how crap the movie was. This is also her second cover (July 2004). But truthfully Kirsten isnt really a-list yet and i dont see her ever being one. She's kind of bland, doesnt dress nice and never stars in a movie where shes a likeable character (even in spider man she's kind of annoying). This was her second cover and in my opinion undeserving.

Other undeserving stars:

Kate Hudson - Shes been on the front twice of the US editions twice (June 04, July 06) why? i dont know. Her movies have never been better than adequate (warning: never, EVER watch Fool's Gold, thats 2 hours of your life you will never get back) and she also seems a tad on the slutty just sayin...she gets around.

Britney Spears - Yes you would never have guessed it but Britney has graced the cover of US Vogue back in November 2001. Back in the days before she met K-Fed a.k.a. her downfall. Im a little on the fence about this one, becuase she was one of the worlds biggest pop stars at the time but still its Britney, the girl who could never quiete escape her trailer thrash roots and this is Vogue, the worlds greatest FASHION magazine.

Keira Knightley- This is more really to do with the sheer amount of covers she's been on. 5 (US editions- Dec 05, May 06, June 07. Uk Edition - July 04, Oct 07). Plus the fact that i dislike her. She just annoys me. Its just like shes stuck in this weird time vortex i.e. the 1800s and she really cant seem to escape.

p.s. I apologize if this post makes me seem like some super snob but Believe me im not a snob, im just poor.

Note to Vogue: the minute any star remotely associated with that evil robot called Disney (Hillary Duff, High School Musical and especially Miley Cyrus) even graces the back pages of your magazine i will burn down Conde Nast. xoxo Lola

Cheryl Cole, Vogue Covergirl? ...Not in my books

Cheryl Cole on the cover of vogue? What has the world come to. I know, I know, I shouldn’t be trying to make so many enemies on like my first post by completely thrashing England’s sweetheart, but come on! Ok lets just get this clear before I launch into everything, I don’t hate Cheryl Cole. I think shes beautiful, nice and sugar and spice…but Cheryl Cole on the cover of VOGUE..I don’t think so. I thought the cover of Vogue was kind of reserved for the truly famous, like actors such as Kate Winslet and models like Kate Moss (26 covers to date) or Lily Donaldson (love her!).
I will be the first to acknowledge that Vogue has made some mistakes on its past covers…Mischa Barton (we all know how she’s turned out since) and Sienna Miller (ditto), but sticking a member of Girls Aloud with a bit of a chequered past on the cover, not exactly keeping with vogues prim and proper image. I’m sure this cover will boost sales because everybody loves her and all and Cheryl does of recent i.e. with the help of stylist Victoria Adcock (Victoria Beckham, Christina Aguilera) have good taste but lets flashback a few years, before the sordid affair, the x-factor gig and some seriously kick-ass outfits. 2003 saw Cheryl, Britain’s sweetie pie verbally abuse a bathroom attendant with racial slurs as well as physically assaulting her ,sure she was cleared of the racial slander but still, knocking out a bathroom attendant, Hardly the epitome of class and compassion we’ve come so used to.

No but seriously she does look gourgeous on the cover, heres a link:,2009/Month,February/Model,Cheryl%20Cole/Editor,Alexandra%20Shulman/Photographer,Regan%20Cameron