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Recently i was flicking through the February US Vogue and i came across their top 10 best dressed young stars of 2008 and one of the stars to feature on their list was none other than Blake Lively. Now don't get me wrong i love Blake, think shes fabulous, but i do not think she is one of the best dressed young celebrities to hit Tinseltown of late. Bar one dress (that gorgeous orange Gucci maxi dress at the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants premiere), she's kind of been stuck in a jumble of untasteful rompers, play suits and shirt dresses. I think that when people say Blake is one of the best dressed stars out there they are confusing her fashion sense with that of her gossip girl character Serena Van Der Woodsen. Serena dresses amazingly, kind of a "urban equestrian" as Blake herself put it and has kind of a Kate Moss sort of thing going on. A lot of the photos you see of Blake are actually shots taken during filming so people may just get the idea that Blake dresses like that all the time when shes hanging around New York. Now Just a few photos to show you where I'm coming from:
I have to say though how Everyone is always hammering on about the Gossip Girl's cast refreshing red carpet style but to tell the truth none of the stars partically does it for me outside the confines of the GG set. Take Leighton Meester, some days she can look amazing but of recent I'm a little bored with her look, which can be kind of frumpy, She just sometimes dresses a lot older than a 22 year old should. Out of all the GG cast Taylor Momsen has emerged as my fashion hero. I know she dresses way too old for her 15 years and does go a little heavy on the eye make up but her collection of mini-dresses is amazing. I especially love that kind of sparkly see-through Alexander Wang dress (left) she wore of recent even though there was a little tights fiasco goin on there.

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Sadie said...

Totally agree with u, I love Serena's style but Blake's isn't that good...

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