Cheryl Cole, Vogue Covergirl? ...Not in my books

Cheryl Cole on the cover of vogue? What has the world come to. I know, I know, I shouldn’t be trying to make so many enemies on like my first post by completely thrashing England’s sweetheart, but come on! Ok lets just get this clear before I launch into everything, I don’t hate Cheryl Cole. I think shes beautiful, nice and sugar and spice…but Cheryl Cole on the cover of VOGUE..I don’t think so. I thought the cover of Vogue was kind of reserved for the truly famous, like actors such as Kate Winslet and models like Kate Moss (26 covers to date) or Lily Donaldson (love her!).
I will be the first to acknowledge that Vogue has made some mistakes on its past covers…Mischa Barton (we all know how she’s turned out since) and Sienna Miller (ditto), but sticking a member of Girls Aloud with a bit of a chequered past on the cover, not exactly keeping with vogues prim and proper image. I’m sure this cover will boost sales because everybody loves her and all and Cheryl does of recent i.e. with the help of stylist Victoria Adcock (Victoria Beckham, Christina Aguilera) have good taste but lets flashback a few years, before the sordid affair, the x-factor gig and some seriously kick-ass outfits. 2003 saw Cheryl, Britain’s sweetie pie verbally abuse a bathroom attendant with racial slurs as well as physically assaulting her ,sure she was cleared of the racial slander but still, knocking out a bathroom attendant, Hardly the epitome of class and compassion we’ve come so used to.

No but seriously she does look gourgeous on the cover, heres a link:,2009/Month,February/Model,Cheryl%20Cole/Editor,Alexandra%20Shulman/Photographer,Regan%20Cameron

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